Regenerative cellular repair cream 60 grm

Regenerative cellular repair cream 60 grm

 Intense moisture
active restorative
collagen enhancing
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    Suitable for all skin types

    This aromatic moisturiser can increase cell regeneration at deep levels & intensely hydrate the skins epidermis.

    The rich emollient properties of the cream are enhanced by the active combinations of specially selected essential oils.

    Geranium :to stimulate circulation & improve lymphatic drainage.

    Sandalwood :calms red capillaries soothes dry irritated skin reducing high colour.

    Patchouli:stimulates the growth of new cells to accelerate healing & prevent scar tissue.

    Frankincense: Rejuvenates mature skin by enhancing collagen formation. Smooths wrinkles & balances oily skin.

    Rosewood: Unique healing agent. The molecules in the oil heal through cell stimulation promoting tissue regeneration . Also controls excess sebum production . Soothes sensitive skin
natural organic skin care
       made in Ireland 
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