Dual action rejuvenating repair cream

Dual action rejuvenating repair cream

Suitable for combination skin where parts of the skin are dry & other areas oily.

A light fragrant moisturiser that carefully corrects & balances skin.
The gentle formulation penetrates deep into the skins layers to encourage cell replenishment.

With high concentrations of Jojoba oil, extremely beneficial for oily skin types due to its antimicrobial , anti inflammatory , soothing & healing properties.

This multi tasking oil , rich in vitamin E also benefits dryer skin by keeping the skin more elastic & resistant to ageing. Jojoba oil also acts as a pore minimiser.
Carefully selected essential oils further enhance the creams rejuvenating and soothing qualities .

Frankincense stimulates collagen production and balances oily skin.

Geranium stimulates circulation for a glowing skin
Roman chamomile a calming , powerful ant-inflammatory also removes toxins

Ylang ylang balances sebum production , antiseptic & calms irritated skin
natural organic skin care
       made in Ireland 
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