Aphrodite body oil 100ml

Aphrodite body oil 100ml

Sensually awakening , aromatic oil to be used in a relaxed , preferably candlelit room in the company of a loved one...
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    An exotic blend of Organic Sweet almond oil, Avocado oil & essential oils well known for their aphrodisiac qualities.

    Sweet Almond oil is an easily absorbed fine textured oil with vitamin E in abundance.It prevents cell damage, maintains the delicate PH balance of the skin. Rich in oleic & linoliec essential fatty acids , it aids in relieving muscular pain & reducing stress.

    Avocado Oil is especially effective for dry skin, smoothing & intensely moisturising due to its high levels of omega 3 , vitamins A, D & E.
    this oil penetrates deeply into the skin increasing production of collagen.

    Qualities of essential oils.
    Ylang Ylang:(flower of Flowers) sensual & exotic renowned for its aphrodisiac qualities. Calming & balancing brings out feeling of emotional warmth & love.
    Cinnamon:has a distinct spicy,sweet ,warm aroma that is highly stimulating. Improves blood circulation to the sexual organs , thus acting as a sexual stimulant . High in antioxidants.
    Yasmin:(king of oils) has a sensational fragrance, uplifting & euphoric . Soothes the nerves whilst restoring optimism & energy.
    Sandalwood : Erotic , musky aroma known for its meditative relaxing properties, balances emotions.
natural organic skin care
       made in Ireland 
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